About Spoiled Guest

The travel site for honest, literate reviews of high-end resorts and other destinations. No hype, no mercy, no bias.

img_25231.jpgOne of the great unmet needs of the high-end traveler is a source of accurate, unbiased information.  Travel magazines and travel agents are beholden to the properties they review because those properties are their “inventory.” Formerly reliable travel “newsletters” have become fronts for huge travel agencies more interested in promoting destinations than in critically evaluating them. Crowd-sourced trip advisory sites are only as reliable as their last or least-experienced post.

We’re experienced, finicky travelers, and we’re frankly spoiled.  We’re completely independent of the travel industry, beholden only to our own high expectations of the top-tier properties that we visit.  Join our journeys, learn what only an actual stay as a paying guest can tell you about a high-end destination, and enjoy literate, essay-style writing while you’re at it.  Welcome!

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